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Electronic Weighing Spoon LCD Display Digital Measuring Cooking Tools

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Measuring Weight


——Open the battery cover, load the battery according to the icon, cover the battery cover, and insert the appropriate measuring spoon into the scale body (as shown in the figure)

When it needs to be replaced, pull out the measuring spoon and insert it again. Put the scale on the windless platform and press the key to display 88888

——Unit (unit conversion key)

After the power is turned to zero, you can press the unit key to select the units to be used (g.ct, DWT, OZT, GN, t, oz). You can also select the display of different units in the weighing process.

——unit blanking function

After selection, press the unit conversion key for 4 seconds to light up all the units, CT units will flash, press tare to select the units to be reserved or hidden, and press unit key to shifting to select the units to be hidden. Long press the unit key for 4 seconds to return to the normal weighing mode. Then press the unit key to confirm that the blanking is successful. This function is for customers from different countries to choose common units, so as to avoid frequent selection. G units cannot be hidden.

—— tare (peeling key)

Press this key in weighing mode to force zero.

Use scenario 1: LCD does not display 0.00 after power on, pressing this key will force zero.

Scene 2: there are items in the measuring spoon. You need to add ingredients. You need to know the weight of the added items. At this time, press the tare key to return to zero. Adding items is the weight of new items.

Return to zero 0.00 (for more accurate and rapid weighing, please put the product on a flat surface

Put the object into the measuring spoon or pick it up

The weight of this product is only approximate when it is shoveled up

If you want to read the value more accurately, please put the spoon scale on the platform to read.

(because the hand angle and shaking will affect the accuracy of weighing).


1. Please keep the spoon level when pulling and inserting, and do not twist and pull.

2. When LCD displays lo, please replace the battery in time.

3. Please take out the battery when you don't use it often.

4. Do not disassemble by yourself.

5. Do not immerse in water for cleaning.

Package Included:

Accessories:manual, spoon 80ML*1, spoon 30ML*1

Note: Without battery

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