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Vimble 2S Gimbal Handheld Tripod Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick

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Compatible smartphone for reference

Vimble 2S supports the phone with a width between 57 and 84 mm. The maximum payload is 210 g (7.4oz)

[1] iPhone : iPhone11, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 8Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone7Plus, iPhone 6s. [2] Android: HUAWEI P30, HUAWEI P20 Pro, HUAWEI P9 - HUAWEI mate10, HUAWEI Honor V20, HUAWEI Honor 10, HUAWEI Nova4, R9s, HUAWEI Nova 3e, MI 9, MI 8, Redmi 6 Pro, OPPO Find X, OPPO, Vivo NEX, Vivo X21, Vivo X23, Vivo X27, Vivo Y85, Samsung S10 +, Samsung Note 9, Samsung Note8, Samsung Note3, Samsung S7, Smartisan Nut Pro2, One plus 3T, Google Pixel 3, etc. smartphone.


1. For ease of use, remove the phone case when using the gimbal 2. Large smartphones like the iPhone 11Pro Max 226g and the HUAWEI MATE20X 232g that exceed the maximum payload cannot be balanced. 3. A smartphone with a width of more than 85mm cannot be connected to a quick-release adapter such as HUAWEI Honor NOTE10.

Buying Guide & Instructions


The Gimbal Stabilizer is designed to hold the Phone/Camera in a way that prevents or compensates for an unexpected movement like a "shake" to shoot a stable, fluent video originally. Its stabilization algorithm comes from aircraft stability; Combined with Wireless networks, App Interaction, Digital Media Processing, AI Technology. Especially for iPhone/smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer, It becomes a collection of excellent stabilization, powerful Audio & Video Editing & enhancement for contents. Video Era is Coming, Gimbal Stabilizer Let You Speak for Yourself. You can referer to the following 4 POINTS to measure which one is better for you:

1. SIZE & WEIGHT: The larger & heavier means the harder & more you need to carry but that depended. Now for handheld types, there are foldable, extendable, or universal sticks; BALANCE: It's measured by how well(Motor Performance, Balance Axis Number & Balance Algorithms) and how easy it (Manual Balance/Auto Balance) to balance a smartphone/camera; 2. BATTERY: A gimbal with a battery will perform much better and more convenient and the lithium-ion battery will be the first choice; working time and charging time also play an important role when used in different applications; It is ideal if a gimbal stabilizer can support charging mobile phone in case low battery of cellphone; 3. VERSATILITY: Unlike professional photographers, people may not be so experienced/skillful to handle different shooting styles, so a phone gimbal with the easier operation, more working modes, special effects and functions in App,3rd party camera App compatibility & is a necessary accessory will help more for fast high-quality funny video creating.

Vimble 2S Structure & Button Operation

Highlight, Specification & Compatibility


1.Built-in 0-180mm(7.1'') Extendable Rod to provide a super high view shooting / long-distance selfie-shooting/stabilized shooting; 2. Tilt & Roll Axis Motor Lock makes the gimbal convenient to carry out or stored in EPP Carrying Bag. Easily Balance different smartphones by only sliding the cross arm slightly. 3. Control Original Smartphone Camera and popular beauty Cam APP or Feiyu ON APP via Bluetooth directly to meet different requirements. 4. Newly added All Follow Mode to rotate 360°without limitation. Easily to take POV view and creative video. Customize the Function of Trigger/Function button to redefine its function individually.


▪ Tilting Range: 320°(with motor lock)/Rolling Range: 320°(with motor lock, can rotate 360°under All follow mode)/Panning Range: 320°(with limited); Extendable Rod: Extended length 0-183mm ▪ Battery: Built-in 7.4 V, 1300MAH, 9.62 Wh Rechargeable Battery( be charged by power bank with a USB cable when using it); 12h Running Time(Well-balanced, Not charge smartphone while working); ≥ 2h Charging Time(Recommend use 5V/2A adapter, the quick charger is banned); Charge Smartphone at 5V Max 600 mA current; ▪ Extended Port: 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom of the handle, 2 Micro USB Charging Port(for phone and gimbal). ▪ Material: PC, PA6, and other materials which are of high strength, doing best in temperatures within -45 to 135 degrees Celsius. ▪ Accessories: Micro USB cable*1(charging cable for gimbal), phone charging cable*3(Micro-Micro, Micro-Type C, Micro-Lightning), anti-lost rope*1, Mini tripod*1, EPP carrying bag*1


▪ Max Payload: Landscape mode: 210g(0.46lbs); Portrait mode: 200g(0.44lbs); Phone Width(with Case): 57-84mm(about 7inch); Adaptive Operating System: iOS / Android / System Basis on Android like Huawei, Honor Oppo, Vivo Samsung, etc. ▪ For iPhone:iPhone11 (NOT compatible with iPhone 11 Pro MAX),iPhone X,iPhone XR,iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, etc. ▪ For Android: HUAWEI P30, HUAWEI P20 Pro, HUAWEI P9, HUAWEI mate10, HUAWEI Honor V20, HUAWEI Honor 10, HUAWEI Nova4, HUAWEI Nova 3e, MI 9, MI 8, Redmi 6 Pro, OPPO Find X, OPPO R9s, Vivo NEX, Vivo X21, Vivo X23, Vivo X27, Vivo Y85, SamsungS10+, Samsung Note9, Samsung note8, Samsung Note3, Samsung S7, Smartisan Nut Pro2, One plus 3T, Google Pixel3, etc. Smartphone.


Is the action camera compatible with Vimble2S?

Vimble 2S is not directly compatible with action cameras. If you're looking to mount an action camera, try finding a third-party mounting plate to mount it on.

How big is Vimble 2S? What about the net weight of the Vimble 2S?

The size of the Vimble 2S is 118 * 110.5 * 323mm and the net weight is 428g (excluding the smartphone).

How can I track in time-lapse?

1. The gimbal has not been used for a long period of time. 2. Extreme temperature fluctuations between inside and outside. 3. Extreme differences in geographical location, e.g. B. from south to north or from lower to high altitudes

How do I use this feature?

1. Initialization 2. If the initialization didn't work, please connect to Feiyu On App when the gimbal is on, then choose the horizontal calibration, the interface as shown below.

Customer Reviews

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Donato Greenfelder

все хорошо работает. смотрите видео на канале MAVU продавеца рекомендую. просите может даст скидку)))

Davin Rutherford

Got fast! Oooochen fast! Everything works fire! Like, what, where-the rollers are in the Internet a bunch. Not big life Huck... Someone complained that if you screw the strap to the handle, the box does not close. I decided as follows: we remove a rectangular box with wires (as practice has shown, they are not needed with us), we put the tripod in this place, the tripod closes closes closes the The photo shows!

Juvenal Shanahan

Vimble 2S Gimbal Handheld Tripod Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick

Lambert Corkery

Delivery is fast, at the cash register pyaterochki. The stabilizer looks very worthy, heavy such. All kinds of wiring and instruction in English (Yandex-translator to help) included. Case made of dense foam. Before the stabilizer turns on, today is the evening, there is no time to understand. Purchase is happy!

Estell Schiller

Vimble 2S Gimbal Handheld Tripod Smartphone Stabilizer Selfie Stick