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USB Condenser Recording Microphone For Laptop Windows

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  • Plug and play a USB Microphone that connects to your computer or laptop directly via a USB port(work with Mac and Windows Vista, XP ), recording your music or podcast effortlessly. (◆◆Not compatible with Xbox and Phones◆◆)
  • A solid robust designed body with a stable tripod stand will come in handy whenever you are making voiceovers or live-streaming for YouTube.
  • A recording microphone with a dedicated gain volume knob itself, for louder output and more sensitivity, your voice would be heard crispy and clean when using it in gaming, skyping, or voice recording.
  • PC microphone powered by USB 5v supply requires no 48v phantom power supply, easy to set up before voice chat, voiceovers, or streaming podcast.
  • USB microphone with a cardioid polar pattern for recording captures your voice clearly and smoothly when the microphone is pointed towards you.
  • [Attention]-If the mic suddenly stops working and doesn't pick up sound after the most recent windows10 update, please go to settings>privacy>microphone and set it to allow apps to access the microphone.  ◆◆please check your output selection when your headphones can not hear anything.
   Weight: 540g
   Package Dimensions: 18.5 x 13 x 6.4 cm
   Power supply:   5V 
   Polar Pattern:  Uni-directional
   Frequency Response:  20Hz-20kHz
   Sensitivity:  -34dB±30%(at 1kHz) 
   Load impedance:  ≥1000Ω
   Equivalent Noise level:  16Dba
   Max.SPL:  130Db(at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D)
   S/N Ratio:  78Db
    Electrical current:  3Ma

package includes

1*USB Microphone with 5.9 ft USB Cable

1*Metal Tripod Stand

1*User Manual

Q: Can I use this for my ps4??

A: Yes, it works with PS4, but not with Xbox.

Q: Does it pick up background noise

A: Yes, any microphone picks up background noise, especially for that sensitive one. You can isolate most of the noise by keeping the environment quiet (use in a closet for perfect result) and turning down the on-body control & input level on the computer.

Q: does it record stereo voice?

A: It's a mono microphone, though it only matters when you use it with Mac. For a Windows computer, which will split the audio signal into left and right channels automatically, then you won't have any problem recording stereo sound. But whatever computer you use, you still can do some easy post-production to make recording stereo.

Q: Can this be put onto a boom arm?

A: Yes, any standard boom arm which comes with a 3/8” Female to 5/8” Male adapter will be compatible. After screwing the adaptor to the mic mount, then you can install it on the boom arm.

Q: What latency can I get with it with an onboard audio card?

A: When you do some monitoring through the headphone jack of the computer, I'm afraid that the worst delay would be around 300-500 ms.

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Nat Farrell

Great product, recommend.

Heaven Lang

Good microphone, then even add nothing

Toby Romaguera

Order came a week before Rostova. While everyone is happy. Will add a review after a certain time use

Madisen Waters

Too soon to come.

Kenneth Purdy

USB Condenser Recording Microphone For Laptop Windows