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Mini Digital Camera Portable Micro DV Video Audio Recorder Secret

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Note :
Please use a high-speed TF memory card to ensure stable operation. If using expansion cards, will cause many various problems, increase power consumption, and reduce the working time.

1. Power on/Power off:
Press the power button on the top of the pen for about 2 seconds, the red light will be on, then it will be on standby mode. The pen will be turned off without any operation for 60 seconds in standby mode. When the device fails to detect the TF memory card, it will be turned off after the red light flashes 5 times.
2. Take a photo:
In standby mode, short press the power button, the red light flashes one time, which means it has taken a photo and saved it already. The picture Resolution is 2560* 1440
3. Record a video:
Press the power button for 2 seconds in standby mode, the red light will turn off after flashing 3 times and start to record. In the video mode, press the button shortly, the red light will be on and save the file, and go back to standby mode, press the power button for 2 seconds again, red light flashes 3 times and continues recording. The video resolution is 1920* 1080 and saves a video in ten minutes.
4. Motion Detection
In standby mode, press the power button twice consecutively, the red light will turn off after flash 5 times, and go to the motion detection standby mode. When finding something, the red light will flash slowly to start recording, and the video file will be saved every three minutes. The resolution is 1920x1080P.
5. Recording:
Press three times continuously, the red light flashes three times, turn off, enter the recording, press one time and return to standby.
6. Power off:
Long press the power button for 3 seconds until the red light turns off, the device is powered off.
7. Charge
Connect the device with the USB interface of the computer or use a 5V power supply for charging. The red light will flash slowly when charging, and the red light will turn on when the battery is full.
8. Connect to the computer:
This device uses the Micro USB data cable, no need installation drive. Connect Windows operating system, Linux operating system, Mac operating system to read and modify the file.
9. Time setting:
The device provides the function for recording time in the video. After the first recording, connect the device to the computer to open the file "time" The data can be changed and saved when the format does not change, it will show the right time in the next video recording.

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