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Simulation Bird interactive Cat Toy Funny Feather Bird with Bell Cat

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€14.61 EUR
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€18.26 EUR
€14.61 EUR
The accessories you receive are the same as those shown on the option picture you took, and there will be no accessories that are not included in the picture.
Note that the pole is made of plastic. If the cat is too dynamic, the pole may be torn off. Plastic poles are consumables!!!!
Upgraded the suction cup 2.0, the suction is very strong!!!

This luxury Simulation bird toy offers your cat toy interaction. 
Made from Premium Quality materials that are cat friendly and non-toxic. Mimics hunting natural prey for cats and kittens.
Handheld model: You can hold the cat stick to interact with your cat.
Suction cup type: You can fix it on the floor or wall, and the cat will play with it. You can separate the stick from the base, hold it and play with the cat.
Simulation bird funny cat stick



Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Ferne Rath

Simulation Bird interactive Cat Toy Funny Feather Bird with Bell Cat

Alysha Williamson

I liked the quality of the goods, the feathers have been held in severe combat for an hour, do not fall asleep. The kitten liked so much that it did not drag.

Edward Hickle

Cat loves it

Jackson Boyle

uno de los mejores juguetes que he comprado para mi gato! estoy muy contenta al gato le encanta el juguete. lo recomiendo a todos! muchas gracias al vendedor.

Amaya Dickinson

bad ass product, sadley I can't upload a video she is playing with it 50 minutes none stop, make sure after your cat stoped, to hide the toy for later