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Electric Physiotherapy Jars Vacuum Hijama Cupping Glasses Therapy Set

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1. Before starting treatment, pull the upper valve stem of the cup to ensure smooth airflow.
2. Fix the vacuum exhaust port to the upper part of the cup, and then turn on the electric vacuum cupping gun (1~5 gears) to the appropriate gear according to your needs, and perform negative pressure suction.
3. After the treatment, pull up the valve stem on the upper part of the cup to pull out the cupping device.
4. It is recommended to use edible flour dough to form an airtight ring under the cup to ensure that airtightness is applied to the hair, the muscles of the hands, feet, joints, or other parts that are not tight.
5. Wipe the cupping device with disinfectant after expansion. Never soak it.
Precautions for cupping:
1. Full stomach, no cupping operation on an empty stomach
2. The same part, not cupping every day;
3. Cupping traces have not faded before, no more cupping;
4. Women with bleeding diseases during menstruation and other parts, do not cup.
5. Don't take a bath immediately for cupping, especially in a cold water bath.
Packaging notes: (The oil is not in the packaging. The oil is not easy to transport)

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Fausto Barton

Arrived very quickly. Came right.
The gun that pulls air works very well.