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Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Dual Mic

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€27.64 EUR
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€27.64 EUR
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€27.64 EUR

  Redmi Buds 3
  Wireless connection
  Bluetooth 5.2
 Charging case charge time 
Earphone (About 1.5h); Charging box (About 2.5h)
 Single earbud net weight 
 Approx. 4.5g
 Communication range 
 10m (open space free of obstacles)
 Music playback time 
 Approx. 5 hours
 Charging port 
 Standby time
Overall battery life with charging case 
 Approx. 20 hours
 Speaker impedance 
  Package contents
 Charging case ×1
 Earbuds ×2
 Ear tips ×3 pairs (S/M/L/, M pre-installed)
 Charging cable ×1
 User manual ×1

Redmi buds 3
Lightweight semi-earphone | Qualcomm professional chip
Call noise reduction | 20 hours long battery

Lightweight Semi-in-ear Design
A single headset weighs
 only 4.5g
Qualcomm QCC3040
 audio decoding
20 Hours Long Battery
Single endurance of
5 hours
12mm Large Moving Coil
HD sound quality
Detail restoration
Dual Mike Noise Reduction
The dialogue is
natural and clear
MIUI Intelligent
Express Connection
Mobile phone pop-up
Dual Mike calls noise reduction "Say, | can hear you."
Two high-sensitivity mikes are built into the headset. Combined with Qualcomm CVC noise reduction technology, it can dynamically reduce ambient noise and effectively reduce the echo in the call. The other party can hear every word you say clearly.
Lightweight semi-in-ear design
Comfortable without burden Light as nothing Redmi's first semi-in-ear headset, a single headset as light as 4.5g *, Better fitting ear canal curve, more comfortable wearing experience, and reduced fatigue caused by long-time video and audio.
Qualcomm chip+Prefessional audio decoding
Helping good voices in all directions Equipped with Qualcomm qcc3040 high energy chip +
Qualcomm audio decoding technology *ensures stable connection and a better auditory experience 
12mm Large Moving Coil Move your ears with hard power
12mm large composite diaphragm moving coil to restore more sound details. The strength of the Xiaomi audio laboratory is adjusted, the bass is strong, the treble is clear and undistorted, and the pure sound is always felt.

Long Battery Life
Despite its small size and strength, the lightweight and comfortable redmi buds 3 headsets can last up to 5 hours at a time
and can be used with a charging box for up to 20 hours. Charge for 10 minutes, listen to music for 15 hours, relax and return to power.
*Redmi Bus 3 can be used together with the charging box. It can play 300 songs with a battery life of up to 20 hours and a duration of 4 minutes,
The actual use time may vary depending on the use condition.
Tap the headset Telephone and music are under your control
Touch the back of the headset to control the headset to play music and answerPhone, etc. at the same time, support
Xiaomi students to press and wake up *, and your voice assistant is on call.
IP54 dustproof and waterproof*
Professional protection, by your side Through professional structural design and IP54 *dust and waterproof test, it is splash and waterproof
in all directions and is not afraid of sweat.
*IP54 dustproof and waterproof is the dustproof and waterproof grade of the earphone body, and the earphone charging box does not have this dustproof and waterproof grade.

95ms ultra-low delay*
Sound and picture synchronization very fast The new Bluetooth 5.2 technology makes sound transmission faster and more stable.
Qualcomm audio decoding blessing, Full link delay as low as 95ms*

MUI quick connect pop-up
a window opens the cover, Connect it immediately MIUI exclusive customized pop-up window opens the charing car near the mobile phone. After the interface pops up, click to quickly pair, and the power of the headset and charging care is clear at a glance

The new exquisite "Small Square Box" design is light and
round, and hard lines are added at the edge to make the
grip feel more comfortable. The shell adopts a high gloss
design, which makes dirt easier to clean.
More intimate features
Wear detection
Remove the headset and pause
 automatically Put on headphones
and play automatically*

Find headphones
Within the Bluetooth connection range,
you can find the headset through
the mobile phone*
Push-button reset
Bid farewell to the tedious push-button reset

Customer Reviews

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Marco Grimes

Same as photo am all silly because can run, jump and he fell of sound quality not flawless. Congratulations quality product you❤\❤\

Wayne Treutel

Very bad ! I got buds that I can't charge. I remove all the label and use the original cable but still can't use it. when connecting to the phone it keep saying 0% battery. The seller didn't refund me. Don't buy !

Kallie Gottlieb

I am very happy and satisfied with the product. However, opened a second request with a higher value requesting new payment to which the product was delivered. I ignored this pedid and still received my product. Care!

Rhoda Murray

Very good phone, met my expectations, comfortable, battery lasts quite perfectly fit in my ear

Addie Hammes