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Portable nail laser fungus cold laser nail fungal Infection grey color

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Application: Finger
Material: ABS
Item Type: Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
Product Name: Nail Cleaning Laser Device
Application: Nail fungus removal
Laser Wavelength: 905nm
Blue Light Wavelength: 465-470nm
Laser Intensity: 25W
Maximum Pulse Intensity: 22W
Classification: Class II equipment Type B
Laser Type: low-level laser
Charging Time: 2-3 hours
Charging Voltage: 5V 0.5A~1A
Power Input: 100~240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Warranty: One year for free

Treatment Instructions:

1) Treatment of infected nails must be done on a daily basis.
2) Each infected nail should be treated at least once a day.
3) Treatment of the same nail may be repeated in the same manner as was explained above. A maximum of 3 daily treatments are allowed.
4) In the case of more than one infected nail, all infected nails should be treated in order to prevent the spreading of the disease between the nails.


1) The device should be used in strict compliance with safety and operating precautions provided in this manual.
2) Service and maintenance of the device should be performed only by CareMax. Personnel or other qualified personnel approved by CareMax.
3) Please review the manual before initial use. It is important to keep this manual handy.
4) No side effects
5) Direct or reflected laser radiation should be prevented from direct eye contact.
6) Pregnant women should not use the device close to the womb.
7) Keep the device away from children.
8) Children under the age of 18 years should be treated with the supervision of an adult


1). What will I feel during treatment?
People will usually feel nothing. In rare cases, some may feel a slight warming effect.
2). When will nail health improvement be evident?
Treatment duration may vary between individuals, depending on variables such as age, the severity of infections, and so on, Estimated treatment duration is 3-6 months.
3). Can the laser burn me?
No, it’s a Class 1M laser device, absolutely safe.
4). Will the fungus come back?
Nail infection should improve following treatment but you will need to continue with home care techniques to reduce the recurrence of the infection as advised by your doctor.
5). What else should you do to ensure successful treatment?
• Keep your feet as dry as possible and expose them to light and fresh air often.
• Change your socks and shoes if they get wet.
• If you are in public places like a pool or locker pool always wear flip-flops or sandals.
• Trim your nails frequently.
• Use foot baths and soaks with tea tree oil
• If you get manicures or pedicures, bring your own tools so you can ensure that they are sterile.
• Consider using a Shoe Dryer and Sanitizer to help kill any bacteria that may linger in your shoes.

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Alana Lehner

Packaging and product good. When tested by a month will give my opinion.

Constance King

A great machine, thank you very much, quickly sent to all requests. Recommend

Clifton Jacobs

Portable nail laser fungus cold laser nail fungal Infection grey color

Emilie Bins

Portable nail laser fungus cold laser nail fungal Infection grey color

Violette Senger

Quick delivery and good