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  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
  • LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb - Alicetheluxe
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LED 12V Makeup Mirror Light Bulb

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€25.91 EUR
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€32.39 EUR
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€25.91 EUR
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Tips: The makeup mirror light bulb supports multiple modes of power supply, but they do not include batteries.

* Vanity Hollywood style led mirror Light bulbs, the newest design, advanced version, more beautiful and more convenient.
* USB Port, the bulbs and the power supply can be connected by USB in many ways, such as laptops, power banks, and sockets, so it is very convenient when using.
* Brightness adjustment, the brightness can be adjusted from bright to dark, from dark to bright, according to your need.
* It equips with memory function, recording the last lighting mode when you use it and it is the same lighting mode when you use it again.
* The Max distance between two bulbs is about 33cm, which makes it fit most mirrors. 
* Wire length adjustment, the smallest distance between two bulbs can be shrunk to is about 1.7cm, if you think it is too closed, it can be lengthened, according to your need, very easy to operate.
* The most important thing is that the excess wires are hidden in the bulbs, which can not be seen outside, to keep your mirror neat, beautiful, and elegant.
* Double-sided tapes and suction cups are provided, the bulbs can be directly and quickly stuck on mirrors with tapes or suction cups.
* DC 12V Input voltage, safe to use.
* Good cooling effect, energy saving, long lifespan.
* Soft light, high luminous efficiency, no heat radiation, no flicker, no spots, eye protection, providing professional lighting for makeup.
* Can be used for makeup, fill light, decoration, mirror decoration lamp, stage decoration lamp, cabinet decoration lamp studio decoration lamp, etc.
* Be suitable for Wedding Birthday Party Valentine's Day and other festivals.
* Product name: LED Light Bulbs
* Material: PC 
* Input Voltage: DC12V
* Power: 8W / 12W / 16W / 20W
* Light Color: Nature White
* Color temperature: (3500-5500K)
* Plug: USB Port
* Bulb Size: 3.2cm X 4cm X 4.8cm
* Number of Bulbs: 2pcs/ 6pcs/ 10pcs/ 14pcs
* Distance Between 2 Bulbs: Approx 33cm 
* Dimmable: Stepless Dimmable


Customer Reviews

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Percival Medhurst

The seller 2 times handed out coupons 4/4 $ for such a product for advertising. My friend and I bought 2 small sets of such lamps for $0.8 each. All orders the seller sent delivery "standard shipping", the parcels came to Moscow for 10-15 days. By then, we already had 2 of the same sets but with infrared switches (works from a distance of up to 5 cm) from another store. Both switches can adjust the brightness. Brightness corresponds to power consumption of-1.4-1,5W for a set of two bulbs (although here in the product description it is written 8W for 2 bulbs). 4 bulbs in principle is enough for additional illumination above the table or sink in the kitchen (although there are more convenient solutions for this). You can use it as a night light, in this case, I'm more comfortable than an infrared switch if you attach it to the back of the bed (which I did). The ceiling light perfectly smoothes the light of the LEDs. For strong illumination of course it is better to buy a set of 10/14 bulbs. For mounting the bulbs in the kit there is a double-sided Scotch and suction cups. The cable length to the switch is 145 cm, then 40 cm to the first light bulb, and 28 cm between the lamps, the wire length between the bulb is adjustable by twist. In the last photo, the brightness is not much overstated.

Molly Lind


Zelda Feeney

Nice bulbs. Complete with suction cups and stickers (used only suction cups, the seller put one more). There was an instruction. I liked everything very much! Recommend! P.S. Tip: If you are a perfectionist and you do not like sticking wires just twist them on the bulbs, so they will be stretched)

Thora Gorczany

Nice lamps. I bought for 450 rubles. I liked that the touch button

Tyrell Lowe

A good lamp, shines brightly, comes without a network adapter. Included stickers and suction cups for fixation. Came for a week in the Rostov region, I recommend!