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Electric Suction Cup Hijama 24 Jars Vacuum massager Body

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The electric vacuum cupping device adopts the vacuum principle to keep the cup in a vacuum state to achieve the purplish-red color of detoxification, promote blood circulation and relieve pain. This is a household cupping tool, easy to operate, smart, and safe.

-The electric cupping device uses vacuum cupping therapy, which is more effective than manual cupping in terms of strength and professionalism.
-Five levels of suction can be adjusted according to your physical condition.
-Handheld and portable
-Home cupping can work on the waist, shoulders, back, arms, legs, and feet.

How to use:

1. Before cupping, long-press the "OFF/ON" button for 3 seconds, wait for the indicator light to turn on, and adjust the gear according to the strength requirements
2. After the tank body is adsorbed on the body surface, press the "switch" button to cup, and then press the "switch" button to stop cupping
3. Choose acupuncture points according to the condition
4. Choose proper cupping and comfortable position
5. Lift the piston on the top of the selected vacuum cupping to ensure ventilation
6. Gently cover the plug of the cupping device of the main unit on the piston on the top of the tank body, and then press the mouth of the tank tightly against the skin
7. After the treatment is over, pinch the tank piston with your hand, lift it up to remove the tank, then press and hold the "OFF/ON" key to shut down, or it will shut down automatically after one minute of inactivity
material: plastic
Working voltage: 6V
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging time: about 2 hours
Project type: massage and relaxation
1. Wipe the clean cup with a cotton cloth soaked in disinfectant.
2. Precautions for packaging: (There is no oil in the packaging. The oil is not easy to transport)

Customer Reviews

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Willard Walter

Exellent quality and the cups is sturdy

Delpha Beatty

Exellent quality and the cups is sturdy

Greyson Nolan

Item is good condition despite the box dent. Try it and it’s good.

Rylee Rogahn

Very fast delivery, the only thing would need the instructions in Spanish or some link where you can see how it is used