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Bionic Robot Lizard Visual Programming Educational Robot Kit

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Product Details:

1. SunFounder Robot kit - Perfect STEM  Robot Kit for Arduino beginners to get hands-on experience with programs and electronics.

2. Product upgrade - structure upgrade, such as the curving structure of the joint and the perfect Sunmao of the robot. Upgrading material and servo motors and make it more firm and solid

3. Easy to assemble - Improving structural design makes it much easier and very convenient to assemble.

4. Remote Control - With the IR receiver module, you can control the robot to move. Obstacle 5. avoidance and Line Follower Module can also be added.

5. Profession support - providing visual programming and quick-responding technical support.100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!


DIY lizard Robot is a Perfect Choice

SunFounder DIY lizard Robot Kit is an Educational and Starter kit based on the visual programming "How to use Lizard robot with Mixly" and detailed instructions for Arduino beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming, and robotics.

Product Updates & Unique Design

Such a flexible and vivid lizard robot toy. The unique curving structure of the joint and the perfect Sunmao of the robot makes it easy to assemble. Upgrading servo motors makes them more sturdy and durable. Build the robot, and bring you fun!

Enhanced Hands-on Ability

With the Infrared module, it is easy to control the walking by the remote controller. You can also add the features of lizards such as obstacle avoidance and line following, etc. You can get an enhanced hands-on experience in building a robot kit. So DIY lovers can customize it and discover more possibilities.


Color: Black
DC motor: DC4.8-6V
Structural Plates thickness: 2mm
Product Size: 335 x 76 x 24mm

1* Structural Plate
12* M1.5 x 5 Self-tapping Screw
6* M2 x 8 Screw
4* M2 x 14 Screw
14* M2.5 x 8 Screw
4* M3 x 6 Screw
6* M3 x 10 Screw
8* M2 Nut
6* M3 Self-locking Nut
8* M2.5 x 19 Copper Standoff
1* M3 x 25 Aluminum Standoff
3* SF006C Servo
1* Nano board
1* Expansion board
1* Cable Spiral Wrap
1* Mini USB Cable
1* IR Remote Control
1* IR Receiver Module
1*3Pin-Anti-reverse Cable
1* Battery buckle wire
1* Phillips Screw Driver
1* Cross Socket Wrench
1*9V battery

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