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Digital Protractor Laser USB Inclinometer 360° Level Angle Finder

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High Precision: Digital gauge
Function: level measuring instrument
Feature 2: USB Rechargeable
Feature 1: LASER Digital Protractor
Certification: CE
Applications: construction/woodworking angle slope measurement

we have orange and black (just the button color changed) in stock, we will ship the color randomly according to the warehouse stock, if you mind the color, please do not make the order.

LOMUVM 360° Mini Digital Protractor Laser High Precision Magnet Goniometer Inclinometer Universal Bevel Digital Level Angle Finder Angle Measurement Tool

Model name: GR20
Accuracy: ±0.2
Repeatability: 0.1°
Unit Switch: °,%
Display Resolution: 0.001°
Screen: 1.44 Inch Screen
Product Size: 60.6*60.6*30.8mm
Measuring Range: 4*90°/2*180°
Charging: Type C Charging Interface
Battery Capacity: 3.7v lithium battery(300mah)
Protection level: IP54
Working Time:2HR
Product weight:106g
Working Temperature:0~50℃
Magnet Function: YES
Angle / Slope Conversion :YES
Relative / Absolute Measurement: YES
Digital Horizontal Bubble: YES
Automatic Shut-down:5minutes

Unique Laser Design

The unique feature of the LOMVUM LASER Digital Protractor is the TWO side LASER design! you can turn on both lasers on the left and right sides when doing the measuring, which makes the measurement more accurate!

Convenient and Easy to read

LOMVUM Laser Digital Protractor is pocket-size and lightweight. When the inclinometer is turned upside down, the angle reading on the LCD will automatically flip up and easy to be read.

Built-in rechargeable Battery

LOMVUM Laser Digital Protractor is USB Rechargeable. We adopted a 3.7v 300mah lithium battery which is Eco- friendly and recyclable. You can charge the inclinometer with a USB cable at any time. To save the power, the inclinometer will shut- down in 5 minutes automatically.

Backlit Screen

1.44 Inch Screen with 0.001° Display Resolution

Magnet Designed & 360° Measurement

Magnet Designed allows LOMVUM Laser Digital Protractor to be attached to any metal surface. 360° angle measurement or slope measurement in 4 directions. LOMVUM digital angle tool can measure in absolute and relative measurements for determining the exact angle or the difference between 2 angles.

High Precision

IP 54 Waterproof Protection

IP 54 Waterproof Protection challenge any working environment.

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Beatrice Hayes

Digital Protractor Laser USB Inclinometer 360° Level Angle Finder

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Digital Protractor Laser USB Inclinometer 360° Level Angle Finder

Cleora Powlowski

All norms.

Hilario Gusikowski

It's fine, thank you.

Filomena Bruen

Digital Protractor Laser USB Inclinometer 360° Level Angle Finder