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40000mAh Power Bank 18W PD QC 3.0 Two-way Fast Charging

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• 40000mAh, Single Charge, Running For 10 Days

Fully recharged Zeus gives 9 full charges to iPhone 12, 13.6 full charges to iPhone 8, 6.5 Charges to Huawei P40, 6 Charges to Samsung S20. A Must-have for unlimited gamers, camping, hiking, and all kinds of fests.

• 18W Two-way PD QC 3.0 Quick Charge

Charge iPhone 12 to about 60% in 30 minutes. Only takes 16 hours to fully recharge itself with an 18W wall charger.

• 2-Input & 3-Output Design

2-input: Micro-USB and Type-C
3-Output: 2 USB and Type-c
Support charge 3 devices simultaneously.

• Precise Power Display

This portable power bank has a full-view LED display, it presents available battery percentage exactly and it can show the current and voltage as well.

• Package Details

1 x ROMOSS 40000mAh power bank with retail box
1 X Cable
1 X Use Manual

• Warm Tips

For first use, please drain up the power bank to 0 before charging it to 100% to activate the digital LED screen.

• 40000mAh High-Capacity

• 18W Two-way Fast Charge

• 2-Input & 3-Output

• Exactly Display

• Safety & Reliability

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Angelica Altenwerth

Item as described, fast shipping, good price. Arrived 7 days after payment, from an EU warehouse. (Shipped from Germany, not Belgium.) Build quality and packaging are decent. Net battery weight is 910 grams. Test results: Actual total power output from a full charge (at room temperature) is only around 124Wh (24800 mAh at 5V, drawing a steady current). At around 24300 mAh the display is already blinking at 0%, so the built-in gauge is not accurate. The power bank can quick charge at 9V in both directions. Strangely enough, the charge it takes to go back from flat 0% to 100% is only around 19400 mAh. Uncertain what that will mean for long term battery endurance. Didn't realize I charged the battery pack at 9V. The ~19400 mAh input makes sense at that voltage. ~175 Wh power input at ~80% conversion rate is in line with the listed 142 Wh battery capacity. The output efficiency of 124 Wh from a 142 Wh battery is also above average at around 87% conversion.

Adalberto Lehner

Excellent paverbank, very pleased. waited two weeks and unexpectedly received today. Everything works fine, there is a fast charge, it is possible to charge from Type C. I noticed that the back of the paverbank creaks.

Joanny Renner

Корпус имеет люфты и пару небольших, но заметных царапин, заряжает вроде нормально, предыдущий такой же сдал по гарантии, так как был заводской брак, который проявился через две недели использования.

Jeffry Mueller

Recommend salesman. Parcel received 8 days of order. Parameters when continuous constant load (picture below). Parameters are better than wyliczeń theoretical. Need considered it that all the manufacturers podają capacity at 3,7V voltage. Connected load is the inverter from 3,7V to 5,0-and here already will be loss. Electronic load ustawiłem for 5,0V and current ~ 3,0A. ROMOSS Zeus is Very good Power Bank. Latest stock hands measured capacity from 100% to 0% Recommend, power Bank and seller with pure total niem. (picture 1 and 2 - to protocols supported).

William Bogan

I order for the second time (the first time was 30 +). Pleasantly surprised, how quickly received to the Republic of Dagestan. Bought for 1650r