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Automatic hair curling iron electric rechargeable Mireless

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Voltage: 110~240V.
Plug: US/EU/AU/UK.
Rotate the power cord 360 degrees. No operation for 10 seconds, automatically locks, press the power button to unlock. Press and hold Celsius while adding and subtracting keys to switch Fahrenheit.
1. Insert the rotating curling iron into the correct power source
2. Turn on and off the rotating curler display by pressing the power button on the handle, the display will light up to show that the device is turned on
3. Select the desired temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons or set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use low, medium, and high preset temperatures.
4. The temperature will flash 4 times, indicating that the curling iron temperature has been set
5. Use the (+) or (-) button to select the desired timer setting,
6. After 15 seconds, the iron temperature and timer will be locked.
7. To unlock or change the temperature, press the power button once (the locked icon will disappear), and then press the (M) button twice.
8. To unlock the timer setting, press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear), and then press the (M) button once
9. After 1 hour of standby, the iron will automatically turn off
Package Included:
1 x Air curling iron.
2 x crocodile hair clips
1 x cleaning brush
1 x instruction manual

Customer Reviews

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Reyes Rolfson

Packed very well, you can set the timer and temperature, cool thing)

Aleen Larson

Great thing. My girls like it.

Nicola Schulist

The goods are satisfied, but the delivery was 2 months. Curls twist quickly and well, hair does not tear.

Delfina Harvey

I waited for an order for a little more than 2,5 months such a feeling that this box was carried on foot Photo box

Columbus Koch

1. the device was sent with a dead battery. It does not fully charge, the last stick blinks infinitely. And discharged in 7-8 minutes! It is also heated badly. I have Cara, but I do not even have half my hair for this time. Also, if you charge and leave off for 5 days, then the charge itself sits down. 2. the parcel went longer in all of my 20 orders! The last one came. 3. the seller on recommend! The dispute has been going on for 2 weeks, sent a video, money does not want to return. I do not see services of free age. I replied that if there is a free refund, I will take it back. But it is not yet known how much will be sent and when I get the money, so that the seller is unscrupulous. For all the time I buy a second time with such a face. I bought, waited very long, separately for this parcel went to the Mail, so it still does not work. Who's to blame? Why don't check before shipping the goods? I have to keep up with my money now, and maybe I have to go to the Post Office. I do not advise you to buy here. Продавец обманщик! Прислал аппарата с мертвым аккумулятором! Деньги не вернули. Обратная отправка из Москвы за свой счёт 1500р! Продавец сказал платить не будет и искать дешёвого курьера! Что?! А Алиэкспресс убеждает, что продавец оплатит! Я не верю. Прислала видео, что аппарат моментально разряжается! Сказали этого не достаточно!!! А что ещё надо?! Разочарована, обычно Али на стороне покупателя. А продавца категорически не рекомендую, гнать в три шеи надо таких с сайта! Первый раз такое.