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Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Sport Fitness Music

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The main difference between the full touch style and the single touch style

1. The operation of the full touch style is more convenient; The single touch style has only 2 operation methods, short touch to switch, long touch to confirm.

2. The full touch style is the round screen; the single touch style is the square screen.

3. The full touch style has many dials that can be chosen; the single touch style only has 3 kinds of dials.

For more differences, please see the product video.

Full Touch Style Introduction.

Model: ZL02

APP: JYouPro

1.28 inch 240*240 full fit full touch round screen

Support mobile version: iOS 9.0 and above Android 5.0 and above

Support language

English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Italian, Thai, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Malay, Slovak, Polish, Japanese.

Full Touch Style APP Dial Market

The following dials can be switched in the APP.

Full Touch Style Real Photos


Heart rate、 blood pressure blood oxygen, Monitor at any time

Always pay attention to the health index, display the measurement results directly on the watch, Synchronize to the mobile phone APP, keep an eye on your physical condition (The measurement data is for reference only and cannot be used as medical data)

Automatic motion recognition Record your progress

Steps, mileage, and calories are accurately recorded for you. You can synchronize data and view historical data on your mobile phone, making exercise more scientific and efficient, allowing you to experience the fun of smart wear.

incoming call, One-click rejection

After the APP is connected and paired, you can directly refuse to answer the call on the bracelet anytime, anywhere, and experience the convenient life brought by smart wear.

Scientific sleep monitoring. Help you sleep well every night

Real-time monitoring of sleep heart rate, sleep quality, analysis of sleep conditions, and generating sleep reports for you. Your sleep status can be seen at a glance, helping you to fall asleep soundly every night.

Single Touch Style Introduction.


1.3 inch 240 * 240 square screen

Single touch, short touch to switch, long touch to confirm.

Supports 3 clock dials

Battery: 200 mAh polymer

Support mobile version: iOS 8.0 and above Android 5.0 and above

Sleep detection, Call rejection, Sedentary reminder, Blood pressure function, Weather Forecast, Call and SMS content push, Message push, Sedentary reminder, Blood oxygen and blood pressure monitoring, Stopwatch, countdown.

Heart rate detection: Supports dynamic heart rate

Multi-sport modes: walking, running, cycling, badminton, skipping rope, basketball, football, swimming.

Remote camera: Open the camera on the mobile phone, click on the camera interface on the wristband to take a picture.

Support language

Watch language: Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese

APP language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Thai, Portuguese, Italian

Package Includes

1 x Smart Watch

1 x Charger Cable

1 x User Guide

Single Touch Style Real Photos

The real photos are taken by the camera.

Real-time Message Reminder

Synchronized with a mobile phone, it supports information display and vibration reminder of various social software, important things do not miss.

Endurance is upgraded

The watch is equipped with a 200mAh battery. lt can deep into the underlying power management to greatly enhance the endurance performance of the watch. The daily use can be 7-10 days.

Scientific Movement

Record your movement steps at all times, calculate the calorie consumption while you exercise, let you make an exercise program that suits you, and fight for your health goals.

Intelligent Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor your heart rate directly on your watch. Watch and accompanying apps can view data for you to understand the relationship between exercise intensity and heart rate.

Blood Pressure

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Always know your blood pressure and blood oxygen, record your health, save measurement data, assess exercise health, and provide scientific methods.

Weather forecast

Music control

Added control of music playback, switching music anytime, anywhere, letting music follow the rhythm of your running.

Remote Photography

When the mobile phone is connected to the watch, you can take a remote photo with the watch and record your wonderful moments.

Multiple Color Choices

Colorful watches are free to match.

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Luiz Fust

Excellent gadget, very fast delivery.

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Estimated delivery time,. Well packaged product and good quality.

Keno Wollenberg

Everything is super!! The watch is very good. Corresponds to the description. Fast shipping. The seller is sociable. Charge keep days 5-7. Seller recommend. You can take it.

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Top loved the watch

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Smartwatch Heart Rate Monitor Sport Fitness Music