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Thank you very much for the coat, fully as described,

Very small and light raincoat. I don't know how it will work in business. Took it under a multi-layer system. The material is very nice. 170/62

Lovely down jacket! Warm, light, does not blow through, does not climb. Washing can carry perfectly, dries quickly. The sleeves are a little short, but these are such little things! Bought for 3100. Recommend!

Impressed by her down jacket, which came at the beginning of winter, I ordered the same in a different color for my daughter, plus I immediately ordered a jacket. The order was brought by the Courier 3 weeks earlier. T. K. The fabric is dearly water repellent, then I was not afraid to buy a beautiful lemon color. Current children love oversized, 164 ordered size L for height. In my opinion, the manufacturer needs to add 3-5cm in the sleeves, T. K. The down jacket itself is roomy, suitable for a larger volume, but high, with long arms, it may be small or close to it in the sleeves.

A bad product too fine that does not gather at all to the description I tried to make a refund but the seller did not answer me he is a hammer .. A seller to avoid!!!!!!!!

Cool down jacket, as I wanted, I wonder what will happen after washing. it is not cold in the wind, if the frost is more-15, I wear a warm jacket and normally.

Very good, beautiful, hot product. I ordered the m and it was very tight, I am 162 tall and 60kg. Therefore, I realized that the shape of the product is small.

Ordered a jacket for the second time. The first in size s turned out to be small on the 97si hip bum, this time everything is good in size. The jacket came from the same factory and I am very happy, as the quality is good, but the color is about half a tone darker than the new one, but I am normal. In the last one I was uncomfortable walking, in this one everything is OK. The jacket is densely stuffed in front than in the back (in my opinion) there is a pair of protruding threads. In general, very good jacket and warm to-20 for sure. And this time came in 17 days in RB (quickly)

Very good. I'm very pleased. And the quality and color of the Canary dump of the head ..... so young and gives freshness to the face. Yes, I am very glad that I guessed right with the size and on my 94,72 100 just as it should .. I wanted to L first, then I was scared that I would be like a green slider in a tightXlhere it is mine. the sewn-shoulder coat is classic and it's not oversized. the over with the low shoulder is coming. The big spaseboikto sewed my coatAnd it's good that the women's side of the bar. thanks to the seller

I received my order well thank you to the seller it was really fast I liked very much

Iusually I am a M size. and I could take a size up

It's cool, but, or it's bad luck or it works, it came with a USB cable for charging, I thought it was charging and it works, but no, I was charging, removes the cable and everything does not turn on. Works only when the network is on, in which the joke is not clear. And so everything is fine, two modes air comes out constantly and through time. The backlight changes gently. If you add aroma oil, you get therapy at home. Came all OK

Arrived super fast, responsible seller, I recommend

Mini Ultrasonic Air Humidifier Romantic Light Essential Oil Diffuser

Good product as the picture shows, thank you very much, good seller, the very fast delivery I still don't try but it works very well

Cool down jacket. Warm, not blown, moisture, it seems, really does not pass. How it will be after washing or dry cleaning is not yet clear. It is convenient that you can unzip the bottom for a comfortable walk. Lightning is really some kind of plastic and looks very flimsy, but so far it performs its function quite well. The truth, having read the reviews, ordered the size in which, in the end, even with a sweatshirt, but it is still convenient. The size is exactly. The size grid of the seller is correct, follow it. Generally really good product, recommend. And the price, in line with the Russian shops, is just wonderful!

Without spare parts the smashed box I want the spare parts

A wonderful humidifier and a color-changing night light at the same time. Gentle and not catchy tones. Works well by pressing a button. The Rod needs to be held a little in water. I love it! Recommend! Works both from the network and from the power bank

I love the texture of the material. Although it’s a free size It’s a free size, which I believe was done that way to fit everyone heads, so just a small adjustment with a pin and it’s fits perfectly

Medium down jacket. There are many flaws in it, but also the price is small. To-10. It's cold further, from-20 impossible. Looks cheap. On its price. Size M on sleeves close to 160 growth. While being very oversized. Not for tall ones. Trouble with the filler in the shoulder area, there is little of it and rolls down = the shoulders freeze first. The step is fetching, if you do not open the zipper from below. The gate is very wide, the scarf is required. From the advantages: a warm hood, in the absence of wind I can do without a hat. Length to mid-calf.

Very good quality, fabric and very pretty, I just need to learn to put it well

I liked it, the seller recommended to take the KHL, but I just took the L, I thought if I did not return the free return. But fit, on og 90 cm, waist 64 cm, hips 100 cm, good, height 164 cm, sleeve back-to-back, of course, but nothing, but the coat is not very wide in the chest. But it's wide and so, it's a little narrow in the hips, but I don't need it anymore. The color is nice, but the waistband is high, so it won't be high, I'm even a little high, but the norm is still.