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Everything corresponds to the description, everything works just fine

At first I thought to write an angry review: Like, glasses massage only whiskey and strongly hot. But then she calmed down and even turned on the music through Bluetooth. I calmed down and relaxed so that I almost fell asleep, although all the time stick to the glasses, so that they did not squeeze me something superfluous. After a 15-minute session, I really felt the effect of rested eyes. So for this month these glasses, perhaps, the best my purchase on Ali

Delivery is fast, complete with 2 glasses and a holder.

Photo Studio
Geovanny Flatley

Better than expected

Selfie Tripod For Phone
Haskell Russel

The phone holds well, the tripod is quite stable, the button works as it should.

Car Phone Holder
Serena Collins

Все просто, отлично.

Photo Studio
Ericka Heidenreich

The tripod for this softbox is very flimsy, small. He won't keep it at maximum altitude. The lamp holder has problems with the switch button. One switch (left) normally turns on and off two lamps, and the right only once out of 5-6 attempts turns off, it looks like soon to disassemble. The softbox itself (reflector) is more or less for its money, but the tripod does not recommend taking, it is only for one lamp is suitable yet, but not for four and especially and Compare as they say, what is the complete trifoot. Available in the presence of arsenal2600 much more confident keeps this softbox. For one lamp, with a crane with a counterweight anywhere else. But still, the legs narrow and short they

Car Phone Holder
Issac Sauer

Excellent quality, convenient to use.

Car Phone Holder
Lawrence D'Amore

Заказал 16.09.2021, получил на почте 30.09.2021 (до Москвы). Трек отслеживался полностью и почтой России. Качество отличное. Установил на дефлектор Kia Rio X, держится отлично!

I order not for the first time!) first the gray background, then the blue and today took away the green))) the fabric is sure to iron with the antistatic, quite dense, does I use all the backgrounds for a photo shoot in schools and kindergartens! Color is straight what I wanted))) delivery is only 3 days!!! Notification came "pick up at the cash desk in the store Pyaterochka"))) This method of receiving for me for the first time)))

To Kiev for the city. Box poshkoldena, ale squo reception

Photo Studio
Everette Balistreri

Softboxes came in 7 days, packed reliably. The Assembly is not difficult. The most important thing for me was to know whether there would be enough light for the home studio and shooting portraits? At the first use it seems that enough, there are examples of frames. But 100% I do not know, it will be known when I longer use it;) P.S. Examples of photos from the camera and with settings (ISO 200, exposure 1/160, Aperture 3.5.) with light and the same on the photo without softbox with the same settings.

Car Phone Holder
Mariela Kuhic

Товар доставили быстро. На дефлекторах держится отлично. Спасибо большое продавцу.

The goods came very quickly, was discharged, did not start unwinding the wire which is included, charged from their own, first the red light bulb is lit, minutes after 20 green. Works well, looks like I'll tell you far from 500₽, complete with nozzles, several foam filters and replaceable sealing rubber, plastic nozzles, their inner edge is sharp and may not be pleasant when moving the device over the face, it is easily solved with a manicure cutter. The device itself is powerful enough, several modes, pay attention, can leave bruises, in no case do not use it on dry skin, it should slip on the same place. It will be ideal to order to it a vaporizer gel, a cold hydrization gel to steam the skin, or use the device after Hamam

Car Phone Holder
Dusty Gerlach

Everything is super, the quality is on top!

Car Phone Holder
Elta Marvin

Everything is super, the quality is on top!

Car Phone Holder
Walter Kohler

Отличный держатель. Для ВАЗ 2113-15 подходит, не вылетает и держится хорошо. Единственный момент связан с тем, что под тяжестью держателя сам регулятор обдува падает, от чего телефон смотрит вниз. Но это можно вылечить, подсунув что-нибудь под сам регулятор.

The product corresponds to the picture and description. Delivery fast, Courier KCE to the house. The fabric is rolled and sewn, a pocket for a crossbar. The price for 3x4 is about 1.3 K rubles. Recommend. I recommend. Ткань, похоже, с добавлением синтетики. Белизна высокая, лёгкий уход в тепло.

Come fast. Looking gorgeous. The pool is useless.

LIGE 2021 Smart Watch Full Touch Screen Sport Fitness IP67 Waterproof

At first glance, some kind of fuflo. Hand massage would be much nicer and more effective. The contraindications list all possible diseases of the eye, such as glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment. Although it would seem that such people need something to sway vision. But there is a feeling that this thing will not catch them, but will destroy even faster. After the first application, the first effect is a slightly muddy image. And knocked out sharpness. I don't know what happens next. The mossage itself is not even, something inflates there and presses it on the Visic bone, then on the bone of the forehead. Well, it warms a little, although it makes sense in heating, if the glassy substance in the eye is cold, and it seems like it should be cold. In general, another toy created to enrich its creator. And to draw money out of the unfortunate with all sorts of eye diseases.

Car Phone Holder
Al Hartmann

Like norms

LIGE Smart Watch Real-time Activity Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Sports

belle montre mets rayer sur le dessus on voit pas beaucoup c petit mai bon c pas cool

Car Phone Holder
Cierra Friesen

Car Phone Holder