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Bluetooth Hearing Aid Deaf Sound Amplifier

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What are your biggest concerns before buying?

1. Which type of charging plug should I buy?

EU plugs: Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, and other EU countries as well as South Korea, Russia, and other countries
US plug: the United States, Canada, Japan, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and other countries
UK plug: Britain, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Maldives, Qatar, and other countries
AU plug: Australia

2. Suitable for Left or Right Ear?

The earplugs are made of soft silicone material, which will not hurt your ears for a long time. The ear hook can be rotated 360°, and both left and right ears can be used.


Please do not use the charger to charge high-power electrical appliances. Voltage instability may cause damage to the charger. For the health of your products, please use them safely, otherwise, we will not bear any responsibility 

Color: Blue, Beige(Optional)
Charging Type: USB charging
Maximal Sound Output: 118dB ± 4dB
Frequency Range: 400Hz-3800Hz
Equivalent Input Noise Level: ≤ 30dB
Input Voltage: AC110-220V
Output Voltage: DC5V
Rated Power Supply Current Consumption: ≤ 2mA
1. Do not remove or replace the built-in lithium battery
2. The power adapter and the main unit have a certain amount of heat during the charging process, which is normal.
3. Charge for at least 4 hours at the first time, and then use out completely. After three consecutive times, the battery can be used optimally.
Bluetooth Open Method:
After booting, press and hold the M button for about 3 seconds to hear a very clear sound, then the indicator light is blue which means the Bluetooth function is turned on.
Bluetooth Connection Method:
Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, enter the Bluetooth search interface of the mobile phone system (or another smart device with Bluetooth function), find the name of the Bluetooth device of ZTQ, and click the connection. After the connection is successful, there will be a voice prompt for the successful pairing of "Pairing successfully".
Note: When the battery is low, the Bluetooth function will not be used, but the sound amplifier can work normally, because the power consumption of the sound amplifier is smaller, so please charge it when the Bluetooth function is not used.
Bluetooth usage:
1. When a call comes in, press the M button to answer or hang up, and press and hold for 2 seconds to disconnect.
2. When playing music, short press the M button to pause or resume playback.
3. If there is no sound signal for 10 seconds, the machine will automatically exit Bluetooth mode to enter the hearing aid mode and exit the Bluetooth connection after a period of time.
Package Included:
1x Voice Sound Amplifier Device (High-Quality Box Package)
1x Plug
1x USB Cable
1x Brush
1x User Manual

Why does the hearing aid have a loud screeching sound? How to wear a hearing aid?

Because the contact part of the earplug and the ear canal is not completely closed, the sound amplified by the hearing aid leaks from the gap and is amplified again by the microphone, so there will be a howling sound.
How to wear a hearing aid?
Step1: Ensure the hearing aid is fully charged
Step2: Turn off the hearing aid, switch to level 0 and choose the noise-canceling mode
Step3: Place the device close to the outside of your ears, and put the earplugs into the ears in this way.
step4: Make sure the earplugs can fill the ear canal.
Step5: Then turn on the hearing aid, turn up the volume little by little
Step6: If the volume is within the acceptable range, we just need to spend some time getting used to the device.
1. It is a USB rechargeable hearing assist without frequent battery replacement
2. Please choose an earplug that fits the ear canal, as the gaps can cause noise.
3. Please use the correct wearing method to ensure that the hearing closely matches the ear canal to avoid sound feedback and howling.
4. Do not touch the little loudspeaker which is used for reception with your hands during use, otherwise, it will make noise.

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The product corresponds to the description. Works. Packed well. Delivery 31 day. I recommend this store.

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All good works, small size, light in weight. Hear well. As far as keeping battery not checked. Included convenient. In management is very simple.

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The product arrived fast, it was a gift from me to my wife and we can communicate clearly. Many thanks to the seller for an excellent product

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High quality and fast&secure shipment. My father happy with