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Lumbar Massage Pulse Infrared Light Magnetic Physiotherapy

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1. Partition massage. Four electrode zones, covering a wider area, massage more acupoints at one time 2. EMS electrotherapy. An electrotherapy method in which a specific low-frequency pulse current is input to the human body through the skin to treat pain 3. Red light irradiation. Release 600-650NM wavelength red light, penetrate the surface of muscles, and deeply relieve waist fatigue 4. Fast heating in five seconds. The massage head is heated at a constant temperature, so as to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and massage easily 5. The intensity is adjustable. 16 levels of massage intensity, 5 massage techniques 6. Small and convenient. Only about 300 grams, carry it as you like without taking up space


Color: white, pink, green Size: 197.5*94*45mm Rated voltage: 5V Automatic timing: 15 minutes Warranty: 1-year renewal and 5 years warranty Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Multiple massage modes zoned massage, EMS electrotherapy, red light irradiation, constant temperature heating, adjustable intensity, compact and convenient

We redefine the waist massager, using EMS electric pulse massage technology, a compact and convenient, stylish design. Wear it once a day for 30 days without back pain

EMS electrotherapy technology, massage black technology. Experience 4 professional massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine at once. Each mode is a new experience, deep massage, restores vitality

In Partition massage, the four electrodes cover a wider area, massage more acupoints at a time, and you can follow the traditional Chinese medicine method at home. The flexible floating massage head fits the waist curve better

Massage head with constant temperature and hot compress, relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation, relax and relax at home all-day

Multi-level selection of intensity, 16 levels of massage intensity, 5 massage techniques, red light irradiation technology, release 600-650NM wavelength red light, penetrate the muscle surface

USB fast charging super long battery life, 30 hours battery life, 2.5 hours charging time

Easy to store, light and portable, does not take up space, and is simple to operate, from the details of the quality, the remote control can also be as beautiful as a work of art

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Ignacio Rivera

Very happy with the purchase. Fast delivery, excellent packing. High-end massager. Excellent quality. Made at the highest level. It's even nice to keep in hand. It works great. Performs all its functions. Relieves pain. Gorgeous seller!!! Responds instantly and responds, helps solve all emerging issues. Massagers have a lifetime guarantee. Boldly recommend.

David Márquez

Temperature Thermal low frequency mode very satisfied