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Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil 10ml With Roller Perfume Diffuser Aroma

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About Fragrance oil products:
Fragrance oil aka perfume oil, Does not contain any fragrances, or compounds, is prepared from pure plant essential
oils by scientific means. It first originated in the Arab region and then spread to India and Egypt, and was welcomed and loved by the locals. The perfume oil is 100% alcohol-free, Making Candle & soap & beauty products Increase fragrance。
Fragrance oil characteristics:

its fragrance is more intense and the fragrance stays longer.

More widely used, one oil can meet the needs of life

Every scent is memorable

Water-soluble, can drop into the water and mix to use.
How Best To Use These Oils:
Make your own soaps, candles, and beauty products, and these oils are perfect for that. They are of therapeutic grade, natural, pure, and all handmade in the UK, making them ideal for you creative souls out there who make your own products.
OBurrs or Diffuser - One of the most popular ways is using them with an oil burner/diffuser. Adding a few drops to your oil burner/diffuser will create a lasting beautiful aroma, you can also mix oils to create your own smell.
Bath - Adding a few drops of our oils to your bath creates a heavenly, natural and pure aroma, and is proven to be a highly effective way to get the most out of essential oils.
Others - Other popular ways apart from the above include, diffusers, on your pillow at night, meditation, car air fresheners, and steam/saunas.
Do not use Fragrance Oils internally.
Keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Do not use citrus oils before exposure to UV light.
Avoid prolonged exposure without ventilation.
Store Fragrance Oils  and carrier oils properly to avoid degradation

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Genesis Buckridge

Delivery for a long time, the perfume itself is oil and small, they smell awesome, sweet) small for a handbag itself

Ursula Stamm

The smell resembles a man's perfume. And so excellent smell. Im happy
Thank you very much❤

Darian Daugherty

It smells great!

Ebony Gibson

The fragrance is pleasant. Got well packed

Robin Kris

Took forever to arrive but eventually did. Smells vaguely floral, sweet, like those chalk candy you get at halloween, sort of smells like Parma violet but not identical