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Automatic Rolling Ball Cat Interactive Toys Pets

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€16.22 EUR
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€12.98 EUR
Interactive Cat Toys Ball Stimulate Hunting Instinct Kitten Funny Chaser Roller Toy 360 Degree Rotating Smart Electric Ball USB Rechargeable
Material: ABS/Silicone
Size: 4.3cm in diameter
Battery capacity: 80mAh


1. Turn on the smart ball: short press the on-off key
2. Switch mode: After turning on the smart ball, long press the power button
3. Smart mode (the blue indicator light stays on for 3 seconds), automatically enters standby mode after running for 5 minutes, reactivates the ball to turn on after slapping,
4. In normal mode (green indicator light stays on for 3 seconds), the ball will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of operation.

About Charging:

1. Blinking red light: the battery is too low and needs to be charged
2. Blinking blue light: the product is charging
3. The green light stays on: charging is complete, please fully charge it for the first time

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Noemy Carter

It's great to have it very interesting. A house with a cat 5 minutes to move and stop automatically So it's easy for sheep.

Matt Willms

The child is good at playing with her.

Reanna Little

Cool toy for cats. Acting unpredictable. Then it's hard to twist, it's accelerated. Crosses the Waybill of vexs when unraveled. If he was very pleased. Movement is chaotic.

Otilia Schmidt

Good look thanks

Steve Hand

The toy itself is equal and perfect, it meets what it promises. But the box she came in was fatal, they should have protected her better. I thought it would have been messed up but it works. We'll give it to our cat at Christmas.