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Stereo Radio FM Portable Full Band Digital Tuning

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TECSUN PL-398MP FM Stereo/SW/MW/LW DSP World Band Radio MP3 Player
TECSUN PL-398MP is a multi-band stereo portable radio with an MP3 playback function (SD card slot). It can listen to FM stereo, short wave, medium wave, long wave broadcasts, play MP3 music, and has line input. It can be used as an active small speaker.
1. [Two-channel Dual Speaker Design]:
You can enjoy FM stereo programs without using headphones.
FM stereo, short wave (2300~21950KHz), medium wave, long wave full-band reception, FM receiving frequency range 64 ~ 108MHz, can listen to China, Europe, and the United States day FM broadcast frequency, but also listen to part of the campus broadcast.
2. [Digital Signal Processing]:
The SILICON LABS si4734 digital signal processing (DSP) chip is used to digitally convert FM/AM broadcast signals and process them with modern software radio technology, which improves sensitivity, selectivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and anti-interference ability.
3. [7 Options for Channel Selection]:
Easy Tuning (ETM), automatic search for radio frequency(ATS), automatic search for stored stations, manual search for station frequency (VF), manual search for stored stations (VM), direct input of frequency numbers, direct Enter the number of saved station addresses.
4. [Smart/Manual LCD and Keypad Backlight]:
The LCD displays information such as station frequency, signal strength/signal-to-noise ratio, temperature, time, and battery level. The buttons also have a backlight function for intelligent night lighting.
Main Parameters:
Speaker specifications: Diameter 57mm, 8Ω, 250mW paper tray speaker × 2.
Headphone Specifications: Φ3.5mm/32Ω stereo headphones.
Output power (distortion 10%): ≥180mW×2
Weight:365g(Battery not included).
Dimension: 187(W)×90(H)×30(D) mm.
PL-398MPBasic Technical Indicators
Optional Frequency Coverage:
Standard: 87-108MHz (suitable for China, Europe, and America).
Germany: 87.5-108MHz.
Russia: 64-108MHz (also suitable for receiving most campus broadcasts in China).
Japan: 76-108MHz.
FM:64-108MHz, intelligent stepping 0.01MHz/0.1MHz.
SW: 2300—21950KHz, intelligent stepping 1KHz/5KHz.
MW:522—1620KHz, intelligent stepping 1KHz/9KHz (suitable for Asia, Africa, and Europe).
520—1710KHz, intelligent stepping 1KHz/10KHz (suitable for North America).
LW:153-513KHz, intelligent stepping 1KHz/9KHz.
Noise limit sensitivity:
FM: (S/N=30dB) better than 3uV.
SW: (S/N=26dB) better than 20uV.
MW: (S/N=26dB) better than 1mV/m.
LW: (S/N=26dB) better than 10mV/m.
FM: >60dB (±150KHz).
SW: >60dB (BW=3KHz, ±5KHz).
MW: >60dB (BW=3KHz, ±9KHz).
LW: >60dB (BW=3KHz, ±9KHz).
Quiescent Current:
FM: <25mA.
SW: <30mA.
MW / LW: <30mA.
Shutdown <80uA.
Memory storage: 550 total.
FM: 100.  SW: 250
MW: 100. LW: 100
Power supply:
Powered by 3 R6 (No. 5) batteries, you can also use Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
Smart charging is possible via the power supply of the USB port.
External power supply (optional): USB specification DC 5V ≥250mA

Package list:

1 x TECSUN PL-398 Radio
1 x Stereo Earphones
1 x Audio Cable
1 x Carrying Pouch
1 x User Manual(English, Japanese)

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Kayden Hane

Excellent receiver, everything works sensitivity is good!

Wilbert Prohaska

Radio of very good quality, catches better than usual what for 500R. Very happy. Thank you very much!

Elizabeth Cartwright

The seller sent all right, quickly and well packed, the product is excellent, very satisfied

Cleora Zulauf

Stereo Radio FM Portable Full Band Digital Tuning

Bettye Conn

The receiver is bomb, small convenient and everything takes. I recommend the producer.