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Hohem iSteady V2 AI Tracking Gimbal 3-Axis Foldable Handheld 259g

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Model:iSteady V2
Folded Size:179*79*39mm
Operating Time:
9 hours
4 hours(with AI vision sensor)
2 hours(with AI vision sensor & LED video light)
Compatible Phones:
Standard Included
1 PC* Handheld gimbal
1 PC* Tripod
1 PC* Charging cable
1 PC*Bag
1 PC* Multilingual Manual
Built-in AI Vision Sensor

Built-in AI vision sensor, iSteady V2 is able to do smart tracking automatically without any apps. This is not only a new breakthrough in the phone gimbal market but also a technological revolution for the gimbal industry.

Comparison of other Gimbal


iSteady V2

No need to contact the Bluetooth, it is easy to use, and just press the top button to turn the AI vision sensor on for tracking.

Other gimbals

It needs a specific app and Bluetooth connection to support face tracking, operations are complicated and the connection is unstable.

Tracking Accuracy & Sensitivity

iSteady V2

Its built-in AI vision sensor is able to recognize the human body, and will always keep focused on you even if you twirl, jump and turn your back on it.

Other gimbals

Achieving face tracking by the mobile app would easily cause the following problem such as app unstable, slow response, and easy to lose the target.

App Compatibility

iSteady V2

Tracking has no limits for apps, supports all the apps to track such as BrautyCam, Tiktok, live stream, video call, video conference, online class, etc.

Other gimbals

Only support specific official apps, the compatibility of various Android phones is unstable.

Brightness Adjustable LED Video Light

Not confident about the shooting in dark light?

Feel tired to bring too many items for traveling?

iSteady V2 comes with a built-in brightness-adjustable LED video light. Three-level of light is adjustable to fulfill different needs and bring out your skin's natural glow.

Gesture Control

Unbelievable smart, fast response to your gesture.

Just show your hand gesture and it will understand your needs.

Portrait Position Customization

Hohem AI calibration setting allows you to customize your portrait position to compose the shot in different scenarios within the visual tracking range.

Create customized positions.

Let V2 lock your preferred position and create your ideal composition

No customized position.

The fixed composition would restrict your creativity and individuality.

Not just AI Smart Tracking, It is also 3-axis Gimbal

iSteady 4.0 anti-shake algorithm system brings you buttery smooth footage and lets you easily make cinematic shots.

Electronic image stabilization is achieved by cropping the footage and causing quality damage. Thus 3-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization is much better than electronic image stabilization to avoid footage quality being damaged and cropped.

A 3-axis gimbal is more stable than 1-axis and 2-axis gimbal. Filming high-definition video no matter how shaky your hand is.

Film a Blockbuster with Just One Click


Cool and dreamy effect

Dolly Zoom:

Create a feeling of unreality

Smart Motion Timelapse:

Record your every precious moment

Panoramic Video:

Offer a wide and sweeping view

Fantastic Low Angle

Switch to low-angle shooting by turning the gimbal upside-down. You will find the surprise from a different perspective to look at the world.

Longer Battery Life Even can be an Emergency Power Bank

iSteady V2 has 9 hours battery life and supports emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices.

No Limitation for Native Camera

iSteady V2 is able to automatically follow you through its AI vision sensor without any phone app support, which allows you to take the high-resolution footage from the phone's native camera directly.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle Design

The handle of iSteady V2 comes with soft and non-slip leather, which brings a more comfortable feeling and better texture at the same time, letting you make video content all day with pleasure.

Hohem AI chip H2

NPU 0.6T computing power with high-performance high integration and low latency.

Innovative Double-column

The ultra-quiet fanless passive cooling solution is equipped with an innovative "double column" cooling system, which will let the AI sensor quickly cool through the clamping steel column, to ensure the AI sensor with a long time and high-performance operation.

*The stability of the cooling system is verified in the extreme environment by simulating with a high temperature even of 60 degrees and continuous 48 hours aging test.

Double Laminated Board Design Ultimate Space Utilization

iSteady V2 is designed with a double laminated board, which includes dozens of components such as an AI vision sensor, brightness adjustable LED video light, and buttons that are highly integrated into the phone clamp, It's such an ultimate space utilization without adding any extra weight and size.

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